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#2 The Tyler Rationale

The Tyler rational is a basic form on educational curriculum design that is seen in the government of Saskatchewan curriculum. Consisting of specific objectives, teacher chosen activities, and teacher chosen experiences. Most of my elementary, high school, and some of my university school has been designed around this curriculum idea. My early school experiences lookedContinue reading “#2 The Tyler Rationale” Continue reading

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#1. The Problem with Common Sense

After reading “the problem with common sense”, I have a new perspective on what common sense might actually mean. The author, Kumashiro, defines common sense as something that everyone should know, (Kumashiro, 2009, p. XXIX). Their definition of common sense is very similar to my own, and most likely everyone else’s. The problem with everyoneContinue reading “#1. The Problem with Common Sense” Continue reading

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