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Treaty Education

From watching these videos, I understand that the purpose of Treaty Education is to learn about the benefits, treaties that come with this land, and honoring the long history of this place. Learning about the history of the land you live on is not only important for your students to know but also important to […] Continue reading

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Learning from Place

In the article, Learning from Place: A return to Traditional Mushkegowuk Ways of Knowing, it shows the ways of reinhibabitation, the main way is how the youth are learning about their relationship to the land. The elders, adults, and the youth would go on a ten-day trip and travel along their traditional land and water. […] Continue reading

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Critical Summary- Disability and Curriculum

For this assignment I choose the topic disabilities. I decided to do this topic because I am very interested in it and I would like to learn more about how the curriculum is set up for students with disabilities and what ways a teacher can make the classroom more pleasant for those students. To follow […] Continue reading

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“The Problem of Common Sense” Author Kumashiro

Kumashiro defines common sense as something someone is used to believing. It is one’s tradition, what they are taught in school and what they are taught at home. It is important to pay attention to ‘common sense’ because you see the different ways there are to do certain things. There are many ‘common sense’ things […] Continue reading

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My First Blog Post

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken. — Oscar Wilde.

Hello readers, I have started this blog for my University class ECS 210. I am excited to share my ideas, thoughts, and comments with everyone! Hope you enjoy.
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