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Assignment 1: Blog post

     For this assignment I have chosen to write about Sexual Identity and the Curriculum. I have chose to do this topic because to me it is something that I find interesting and that draws me in to figure more about it and how as practicing teachers we can incorporate it into the school systemContinue reading “Assignment 1: Blog post” Continue reading

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Tyler Rationale

All through my schooling in both  elementary and high school I experienced teachers teaching straight from the same curriculum and doing the activities and lessons that where comfortable to them and what they knew how to do. Data collection was big in our schools, we had to go out of the classroom for bench markingContinue reading “Tyler Rationale” Continue reading

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The problem of common sense response

In the reading Kumashiro to me does not seem to have one definite definition of common sense. Kumashiro talks about the ways that Nepal teaches and how their practice is very standard with lectures, followed by practice and then an exam. He talks about his mission going to Nepal as a Resource Teacher was toContinue reading “The problem of common sense response” Continue reading

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