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The Deep Ecological movement

By Alan Drengson It started with a political movement in the 1960s called “Grassroots,” that defending the efforts of the concern for detrimental environmental effects of modern industrial technology. The “deep” movement involves deep questioning and right down to the fundamental root causes. Shallow approaches often promote technological fixes, recycling, automotive efficiency, and monoculture organic […] Continue reading

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Composting 101

Station #1: Vermicoming how to’s Vermicomosting involves red wiggles earthworms that turn food scraps into worm castings and live in a bin made of newspaper or cardboard bedding A few things to remember when building a compost bin is to cut holes into the lid and sides near the top to allow air flow for […] Continue reading

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Adventure with Environmental History

The chateau Qu’Appelle Hotel originality stood on the corner of College Avenue and Albert street, which went bankrupted due to the First World War. Material from the hotel went to building The Hotel Saskatchewan. In 1956, thicker concrete foundation was used to develop the Royal Saskatchewan Museum and is the reason why it stands at […] Continue reading

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Food sustainability with the Regina Food Bank.

The Regina Food Bank, four seasons, and Urban Agriculture have all in common? Food sustainability. It is important for the food bank to work with the community to fight hunger and food insecurity. The charitable organization provides programs to educate and support nutritious food distribution, guiding people, and the community towards solutions. During the field […] Continue reading

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Four Directions

Copper or brass structure. Created in the resemblance of bows and arrows, Reflects the survival of the Plains First People. Represents four directions within the medicine wheel. – Fire, air, earth, and water. Summer, spring, autumn, and winter. North, west, south, and east. Sacred geometric four – Rooted deep in soot, In balance with the […] Continue reading

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Footprints Through the Green Patch

Foams of Grey sweep the sky, Crystal clear teardrops Pitter patter on the bare skins of grass. Statues anchored into the wet ground of the natural world. Green elements bloom from within the cracks. Fairy like music, chimes throughout the background As if they are dancing in celebration To mother earths thirst being restored And […] Continue reading

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Ruffing Good Times

In Regina, its amazing to be able to take your dog(s) to the off-leash parks they have around the city. Living in the Cathedral area gives Loki and I the opportunity to walk to the Cathy Lauritsen Memorial Off-Leash Dog Park, and a much easier distance for transportation. Loki is a bit terrified of other […] Continue reading

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Monkey in the Tree

Every time I board on my cruiser or walk through the academic green area, I’ve never thought once to climb one of the trees. During my environmental education class, we were to go outside in pairs/groups, read off cue cards, and try to do what they say. We decided to sit under a tree and […] Continue reading

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Good student, poor student, teachers pet, problem student, etc. Why do these labels matter in the education perspective?

“I hardly ever missed school, and I always got my work in on time. I was a good student and Always got top grades.” – Tamsin Egertonb Being a “good student” a lot of the time in the classrooms demands somewhat high expectation on students. As seen above in the poster for a classroom, tells […] Continue reading

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Finding a sit spot

In the glisten of summer rayon’s, Pulling up into the parking lot I find a spot to park and turn the engine off. As I open the door and hop out of the seat I grab my cruiser board, letting it fall to the ground Wheels first, of course. – As I cruise down the […] Continue reading

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