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The Tyler Rational

The Tyler Rational is widely used across schools in Canada because it provides and easy and seemingly “clear cut” method of teaching children. This is because it focuses on specific questions we ask ourselves when we build on a curriculum or plan activities for the students to complete.What educational purpose should schools seek to attain?What educational experiences can be provided that are likely to attain these purposes?How can educational experiences be effectively organized?How […] Continue reading

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The Problem of Common Sense – Kumashiro

How does Kumashiro define ‘common sense?’ Why is it so important to pay attention to the ‘common sense’?Kumashiro seems to define common sense as the normative customs and beliefs that are built by collective societal knowledge of what we see repeating in our day-to-day lives. Such as how “My neighbors taught me much about the facets of life in the [Nepali] village that many of them seemed to take for granted as ‘common sense’ or what everyone should know.”  These &l […] Continue reading

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We have talked a lot about teaching as a profession. Education does not fit perfectly into the parameters of a usual profession, but it does have a hierarchy. This hierarchy is responsible for keeping the whole system accountable. This is important for education because the profession is under constant scrutiny. Within this system, I would like to talk a bit about the role of the administrator. An administrator is a principal, superintendent, board member, etc. who work more on the legal side of […] Continue reading

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     Back in elementary and high school, I never had anybody with a visible disability amongst my peers in the classroom. Students who struggled in class were taken out of the classroom to take lessons from educational assistants who could work with them in smaller groups or individually.  I noticed this, but never gave it much thought until high school where all students who had some form of disability that made academics challenging had been set aside in their own wing […] Continue reading

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Volunteering at William booth most weekends has allowed me to get to know some of the residents who participate regularly. This meant that have been able to identify a few patterns within the workings of the home and adapt what I did in small ways to be more helpful. For example, I have been able to confirm that, yes, we do tend to make decisions for people if we do not think they are capable of making those decisions themselves. This is becoming a noticeable theme within caring professions that […] Continue reading

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Analysis of Self Story

Why a Climbing Tree has an Impact      Who I am today is influenced by my experiences in the past. I was a conscientious youth who loved to spend time outdoors. My favorite thing in the world to do was climb up to high places and read. This usually meant that I could be found nestled in a tree somewhere. The Climbing Tree is very prominent in my childhood memories for a couple of reasons. It was one of the larges trees I have climbed, and my cousins, sisters, myself would as […] Continue reading

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CBSL Placement 1

     My CBSL placement is at the William Booth Special Care Home. This senior care home is in conjunction with the Salvation Army and their mission statement is: “to provide comprehensive services for the spiritual, physical, emotional, psychological and social well-being of the individual.” * The home provides a wide range of activities for the inhabitants to participate in if they so choose, and if they have no desire to join, they are free to spend time in any […] Continue reading

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A part of / apart from Nature

The Climbing Tree      The day is warm, but not hot. A beautiful mix of wispy and fluffy clouds hang in the sky as the wind takes the fluffier ones over the sun at irregular intervals. My hair flies around my face as the gold truck I am sitting in the back of bounces down the carved dirt path to the climbing tree. My middle sister and my mom sit with me as we dangle our legs off the edge of the truck, trying to drag our feet along the overgrown grass as we move. A particular […] Continue reading

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Social, Physical, and Cognitive Development

     This week’s readings are primarily based around development; socially, physically, and cognitively. The textbook posed questions such as how does physical development affect an individual’s social development and vice versa, what is the importance physical activity and its relationship to cognitive development, and even, can we multitask? The textbook discusses many things, but the above are a few points that stood out to me.     There wer […] Continue reading

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My Start to Outdoor Ed

EOE224 Week 1      Outdoor Education. This is a bit of a new concept for me. Sure, I had the odd teacher in elementary and high school who would take our class outside, however, going out for classes tended to be unproductive subject-wise, so it was used as more of a reward.  In grade six or seven, my class got the opportunity to build an outdoor classroom for our elementary school with benches and a small garden area with different species of plants and flowers, but th […] Continue reading

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